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The conclusion of the surveillance package is a further 5 days covering changes of appearance and more importantly the legal aspects of surveillance.

RIPA , PACE and the HUMAN RIGHTS ACT will all be covered, as we believe that all operators need to understand how to conduct surveillance lawfully and if their intelligence is gained lawfully, it can then possibly be used for evidential purposes.

We also believe that by teaching these subjects it adds to the professionalism of the operator. We conclude our package with a 3 day exercise encompassing all aspects of the teaching ensuring that the student has a full understanding of the requirements, skills and the conduct of the operator and emphasises how working as a team and mutual support will gain the intelligence required.

On conclusion of the 10 day package the student will be assessed by our instructors and if the student has been deemed competent in all areas will be awarded a NVQ Level 4 in surveillance. We do not award certification by attendance only , this is a pass or fail course.

This courses can be completed by attending the whole 10 days , or if the 5 day package has been attended the student only needs to complete the final 5 days.*

This course is demanding and challenging and the student will be pushed to his or her limits, but will be rewarded with the knowledge they can deploy independently or within a team and be a confident and competent operator.

To find out more call 0800 689 0457 or email.

*Subject to proof of continued application of Previous Training